Worldwide Tracking Inc. specializes in offering comprehensive, versatile and cost effective GPS Communication Solutions, for many real-time management applications in the market today. We proudly promote ONLY the products that carry an indisputable reputation for reliable performance, precision, and productivity, AND we constantly work with YOU to help determine the right solution for your company in order to better manage your business needs, like saving you A LOT of valuables, whenever matters: time and money!

Our Tracking Solutions Fit:
Fleet Management & More

By solution:

  • Fleet Productivity
  • Satellite Communication
  • Cellular Communication
  • Data Logger
  • One Time Cost - Passive System

  • By industry:

  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Landscaping
  • Fleet Management
  • Construction
  • Asset Location
  • Government
  • Towing Services
  • Plumbing
  • Freight Trucking
  • How It Works

  • The vehicle’s position (Lat/Long) is provided by the satellite to the device fitted in the vehicle

  • The vehicle’s position data is sent via cellular modem to the telco company
  • The Telco forwards the asset data to the GeoTrack Secure Server, where the data is matched to asset information and map data and reports are generated.

  • The Internet provides the means of transferring information to and from Geo Track and your PC or Smartphone.

  • Your PC or mobile device displays asset information in real-time using GeoTrack secure login.
  • Key Features

    Track - Asset Location in Real-Time, Follow Multiple Assets.

    Notify - Alerts, Notifications and Alarms, 2-Way Messaging and Dispatch

    Mark - Geofencing and Landmarks, Digital Inputs: PTOs and More

    Access - Multi-User Access, Security Permissions

    Report - Reporting, Trip History